Scotch Knight Rises
Anyone who knows Scotch has probably heard of and taken a relish sample of Glenmorangie, a pervasive array of supreme Highland Scotches of different maturity grades and maturation methods. But let’s not spend much time talking about the malt from the “glen of great tranquility” (which, by itself, sounds awe-inspiring and Hollywood thrilling). Rather, let’s take a chance to meet the very own man of Glenmorangie who has come especially for WoW Austin!
Dr. William (Bill) Lumsden is regarded by the malt whisky industry as the pioneer of wood management, producing whiskies that have truly changed the single malt market. Dr. Lumsden, who holds a PhD in biochemistry, joined Glenmorangie in 1995 as its Distillery Manager. Since then, he has taken up the mantle of wood finishing and his ongoing experimentation has involved exotic casks such as Fino Sherry, Claret, Côte de Nuits, and Sauternes, as well as the company’s core range of wood finishes. He has also further developed the company’s famous slow growth, air-seasoned Ozark Mountain oak barrels, which he routinely uses in the Glenmorangie ten year old and Artisan Cask expressions. Dr. Lumsden selects casks at various ages in order to conduct various experiments. He tours wine regions around the world, searching for the best wood that will complement the whiskies and impart unique characteristics all of their own. By remaining true to his heritage, yet unafraid to experiment, Dr. Lumsden has proven his success by simply having been showered by honors, such as Global Ambassador, Scottish Distiller, and Leader of the Year--and not for just one year. Sounds like quite some serious work has been done!
We only wish they’d introduced a title Knight of Scotch for someone like Bill.