Which Came First: The Chicken or The Bourbon

We all associate our patronymic aged distillates, whiskey and bourbon, with Tennessee or Kentucky. While these states can be rightfully considered the places from where the whiskey flows historically originate, the whisky geographic map has undergone a major expansion—to all of us whiskey followers’ greatest satisfaction. Slowly, but surely, the U.S. is reaching Scotland in the number of operating distilleries: there are about 250 spread among 45 states.

Texas’ own Ranger Creek “brewstillery” and the Balcones distillery; Breckenridge bourbon from the synonymous town of Colorado; the New Yorker, Tuthilltown Distillery; Templeton Rye from Templeton, Iowa; High West from Park City, Utah; all these names–some new and some old favorites–will be a wonderful addition to the Artisanal Fest component of WoW. Tennessee and Kentucky whiskey figures will be broadly represented as well: Breakout Rye, George Dickel and Jailers Tennessee whiskey; Bowman Brothers, the ubiquitous Bulleit, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve,  Angel’s Envy, Clyde May’s, Devil’s Cut, E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel, Eagle Rare, Early Times 354, the heartbreaking Four Roses, Jefferson’s Bourbon, Knob Creek, the time-honored Maker’s Mark, Old Forester, the list goes on and on. Come to the Expo to indulge in the e-range’s (for whisk-e-y) amazing variety, and experience the difference that terroir can endow.


If sovereignty is more your style, we will also have some independent bottlers on hand to give you a taste of the new expressions from some of the best-known distilleries in Scotland and beyond: taste single malts by Samaroli, a revered Italian independent bottler; Bastille 1789 by Jean-Marc Daucourt, (obviously a French whisky), and the respectable native “usquebaugh” producers Gordon and MacPhail and Douglas Laing. Looking for more reveling and revolutionary whisky encounters with the Whiskies of the World? Take a chance and sample and meet the makers of Pendleton rye, double barrel, and blended bourbons from Canada (surprise), a whole bunch of Irishmen: the favored Bushmills, the modern and historical Clontarf 1014,  the even more historical Kilbeggan (comes from the world’s oldest distillery), including the Irishman whiskey (so self-descriptive). The latter is the Expo’s debutant, which specializes in re-creating some of Ireland’s lost whisky treasures such as potstill whiskies, and then bringing samples for your cheerful approval.
Still wondering what your next Expo will be like, and whether you’ll be able to find your “liquid gold?” We hope not; we are nearing WoW Austin and the spring-time WoW San Francisco, and both promise to be such great whisky nights out! Check out the pour list for Austin on our website and be carried away. There are so many new and exciting spirits to sample along with many old favorites and classics. The lineup of experts is extreme. Throw in great food, wonderful music, and a spaceload of very happy people, and there is no way anyone would resist to come along to WoW Expos.