Guest Speakers
Every year, we receive rave reviews on the whisky seminars and requests to bring more whisky mavericks. Here is another reason to join us at WoW Austin: many new faces will be coming this year to compose a well-rounded whisky star constellation, including:
Teresa Menendez Myers, Classic Malts, Diageo 
“Walking through the Regions of Scotland”
Diageo’s only she-Master of Whisky, Teresa will perform a seminar to take consumers through the history, production process, regions, and most importantly, the flavor profiles of the Classic Malts vast selection of single malt Scotch.


Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie 
“Maturation in Depth” 
A three-time Industry Leader of the Year, Lumsden has garnered multiple awards and accolades for his wood management and exotic finishes, and is considered one of the most knowledgeable and innovative distillers in the world. The extraordinary masterclass will include topics such as the Scotch maturation process, wood and cask selection, and aging determination. 

Chip Tate, Balcones Distillery 
“Whisky Aromas: Where Do They Come from?” 
Chip Tate has been a dedicated home brewer for 18 years and has spent the past several years learning the science of distilling, including an apprenticeship in Scotland. An introductory level, hands-on workshop will focus on helping whisky enthusiasts understand the spirit they love.  

Dave Scheurich, Tennessee Spirits Company 
“Flavors and Judging a Good Whiskey”
Dave is a whiskey industry veteran and retired General Manager of Woodford Reserve where he was involved with developing the brand. Dave will present a brief history on how whiskey making evolved in the U.S., along with an explanation of the different spirits and whiskeys (i.e., Tennessee whiskey, bourbon, Canadian, Scotch, Irish, etc.). Mr. Scheurich will explain the production steps of making whiskey and the eleven factors that influence whiskey flavors.  

Brendan Coyle, High West Distillery 
Distillation: Technical or Artistic?”
Brendan, starting off at Redrock Brewing, Utah, went on to Scotland to earn a Masters in Brewing and Distilling Sciences. After returning to Redrock, Brendan teamed up with David Perkins to develop a new brand from the ground up. Brendon will introduce the guests to what whiskey is, what it can be, and talk about the mashing, fermentation, and distillation of whiskey, and how that drastically affects fresh whiskey characteristics.  
Jeff Nolan, Oliva Cigars; Brad Jarvis, Old Malt Cask; Garry Wilhite, Prichard’s
“Cigars and Whisky – A Perfect Pairing” 
The guests will learn the artistry that goes into making cigars as they will enjoy the first hand pleasures of pairing poles apart in location and taste whiskies, a scotch and a bourbon, with a specially selected Oliva Cigar.  

Don’t miss a unique chance to get more personal with your whisky favorites and their amazing makers.