Featured Whiskies: now that the whiskey gospel has gone global

 At WoW Austin, we tasted how India's Amrut and Australia’s (Tasmanian) Sullivan's Cove emphasize the way traditionally made spirits take on distinctive terroirs. For Amrut, a Bangalor distillery that began as rum producer for the Indian army, copper pot-stilled northern Indian malt ages at a significantly faster rate than in Scotland in India's warmer climate (a maximum of seven years). We were glad to experience the complexity of its "Fusion" blend, achieved with the use of two barleys: Indian and Scottish - with the latter being peated for good measure. A delightful whisky acknowledged by the most stubborn (in a good way) scotch appreciators. For the exquisite deeply colored whiskeys of Sullivan's Cove, Tasmanian barley spirit, averaging 11 years old, is aged in either American oak barrels or French oak once used for Aussie port. The result is an exceptionally malty, sweet, thick and rich whisky with noticeable, but not overwhelming influence of the port (the bourbon barrels may serve as checkers). The whisky was recently awarded a score of 96.5 by Jim Murray, proposing it one of the top whiskies ever made world-wide. Chief distiller Patrick Maguire was delighted with the results, and promised “to throw a huge party at the distillery”.  We bet we know what they’ll be celebrating with. 



Every year with arrival of Thanksgiving, we start the unofficial self-winding countdown to the next year Whiskies of the World San Francisco, to take place on April 6, 2013. We wanted to ensure the maximum participation of Exhibitors, both major players and local gem-makers, and moved the Expo date to early April and not the end of March as before. Even better for us, more chance for the rain-free lazur allowing to enjoy the beauty of the bay from our spectacular and unique venue, SF Belle yacht.