Expo Preview

 Anticipate exploring every booth, to savor both old and familiar expressions and to look for new launches. Every year we search for new distilleries and expressions.  One of such amazing “discoveries” will be the first English single malt whisky in 100 years launched by the English Whisky Co at the end of 2009, and only recently available to the US whisky imbiber. Read the whisky Chapters (literary, try the expressions of various ages and of various character) to follow the development of the fine malt from the newly built distillery. At the Expo, we’ll cover the releases from 3 YO, both peated and unpeted versions, to continuum (the current oldest bottling states 11 years); quite of a “Book” don’t you think?

In almost every newsletter, we mention news from Diageo’s fronts; not that we’re playing favorites, but they do always have news on whisky releases. The recently announced ones, exciting and mouthwatering, are: 1982 Port Ellen from the name sake closed down Islay distillery, Lagavulin 21 year old Special Release, unconventionally coming from a first-fill sherry butt, Johnnie Walker the casks with the greatness typical of the brand; the list can spectacularly go on. At the Expo, sojourn at the Diageo Classic Malts booth, a perfect spot to catch up with the company’s new releases. 
Man can’t live by bread (or whisky ) alone; to keep our celebratory mood in check, Diageo’s Bushmills Pipe and Drum Band will entertain us for the evening. This amazing band has been accompanying the show since its start, and has become a distinctive feature and a not-to–be-missed highlight of the Expo. Many thanks to Steve Beal, the Master of Scotch and now, the Keeper of the Quaich, for bringing the band to us year after year. For those who is yet to know, Steve is the official brand ambassador for the Classic Malts & Johnny Walker, so take the opportunity to make his personal acquaintance at the Expo and share his knowledge and passion for fine malts. Also, ask about the Keeper of Quaich title—we really want to know.