WOW Expo Texas Seminars 2014

Masterclass Schedule Austin 2014


Lecture Room A

Lecture Room B

Outdoor Cigar Patio

6:00 pm


Craig Vaught (The Glenlivet): Wood Makes the Whisky


7:15 pm

David Perkins (High West): Whiskey: An Organoleptic Journey

Ewan Morgan and Gregor Cattanach (Diageo): The Blind Truth About Aging Whisky


8:30 pm

David Allardice (Glenfiddich): Glenfiddich Revealed


Whisky and Cigar Pairing by Bolivar Cigar Lounge


Austin Masterclasses: 

Lecture Room A

7:15pm: David Perkins (High West Distillery): Whiskey: an organoleptic journey 

Join David Perkins, Proprietor of High West Distillery, for an experiential seminar of multiple whiskey distillates to better understand TTB whiskey regulations, whiskey styles, cut points, yeast, mistakes, and one of our weaknesses: whiskey and chocolate.

8:30pm: David Allardice (Glenfiddich): Glenfiddich Revealed

A select group of consumers will blind taste three Glenfiddich whiskies from different years. The Brand Ambassador will walk the consumer through the aromas, malt credentials and drinking occasions for each whisky. The consumers then judge the whisky before them and put their favorites in order on their tasting mat. The years of the malts are then revealed by the Ambassador.

Lecture Room B

6:00pm: Craig Vaught: Master of  Scotch (The Glenlivet): Wood Makes the Whisky
Discover how influential towards flavor production the cask is during the maturation process.

7:15pm Ewan Morgan and Gregor Cattanach (Diageo) The Blind Truth About 
Aging Whisky

It’s an age-old question: when it comes to spirits, does older mean better? This seminar will challenge even the most seasoned palates to answer that question. The Diageo Whisky  team, will lead a blind tasting of whiskies with varying ages from Diageo’s stocks including  liquid that has never been offered to the public before. The panel will ask participants for their opinions of each, before revealing the names and, more importantly, their ages. Attendees will discover what their favorite whisky was, followed by an opportunity to ask questions about each. Will the older whiskies live up to the hype? Find out if older really does mean better. The truth may surprise you.

Outdoor Cigar Patio

8:30pm: Whisky and Cigar Pairing by Bolivar Cigar Lounge and Gar Cigars

Enjoy and expertly paired Gar Cigar with a Stetson Bourbon and an AnCnoc 12 year old malt.