Whiskies of the World 2024 Embarks On Its Nationwide Tour!

Written By:
Anika Cole
March 21, 2024

Hello, whiskey traveler! Are you ready for your next adventure?

Some people have a taste for bourbon; others for Scotch. Some like to crack open a bottle on the mountaintop after a long hike under wide open skies; others prefer to pour up a dram in a highball glass while they take a seat in a leather-backed chair. Whatever your taste in whiskey expression or tasting ambiance, we know a place you’ll feel just at home: Whiskies of the World 2024.

Whiskies of the World is officially returning this year with more passion, more whiskey, and more city stops than ever before. In our commitment to providing a truly world-class experience, we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that this year’s tour is the best one yet. After months of drawing up itineraries and securing whiskey partners, we’re finally ready to share what’s in store for you at the 2024 edition of this beloved whiskey tasting tour.  

Since we last saw you, we’ve been scouring the globe in search of expertly crafted, tantalizingly delicious new drams to pour up on tour. With expressions hailing from all over the world—including Tennessee, Texas, Scotland, and Japan—Whiskies of the World makes due on its promise to let you taste the world in your whiskey glass. Plus, a selection of rums and other tropical spirits are always available for drinkers with a true globetrotter’s palette. Pour lists are city-specific, so each event will offer a unique tasting experience to guests.

After such a successful 2023 season, many of our loyal partners have  decided  to return on tour with us! Returning partners include the legendary makers of Tennessee whiskey Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey; Red Hazel, whose spiced expressions are crafted by brother and sister whiskey-making duo; the philanthropically passionate 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co.; and champion of American distilleries Westward Whiskey. We can’t wait for you to try all these expressions and more on tour with us!

Surely, after hearing all that’s in store for you at Whiskies of the World, you’re ready to get your ticket. Well, we’re happy to share that more guests than ever before will have the chance to join us at Whiskies of the World. We are launching not one but TWO new locations this year! Any guesses as to where we’re headed?  

If you’ve guessed SoCal, you’re so right. It’s been a long time coming and we’re thrilled to announce that we are coming to San Diego. Join us in the sunny city for what’s sure to be the first of many Southern Californian Whiskies of the World to come!  

Additionally, we’ll be taking a trip to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado! With several Colorado distilleries on our pour list, it’s sure to be a special stop on top.  

Wherever you plan on meeting us, we know it will be an unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to see you there and you can check out where we're headed next here.


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